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Year 5

The Year 5 team are Miss Pepperell, Miss Duffy, Mrs Robinson and Miss Williams

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Home learning:

If you have to self isolate or are waiting for a Covid test, please could you make sure you access Oak Hill National Academy lesson here and choose an English and a Maths lesson to complete in the morning, followed by an afternoon lesson of your choice. 


You can also do the following activities from home:


Play on times tables rocks

Play hit the button practicing your number bonds/times tables if you are at level 10 on number stacks

Have a look at the letter join website and practice your handwriting

The website is

Login is eg5141

Password is home

Click on class 6, then start with easy letters or patterns and move to harder letters.

Practice 3 letters or words per day


Children that currently use NESSY:

Please follow these instructions to access Nessy at home.

  • Click NESSY above.
  • Click LOG IN
  • Enter the secret word 'mildurchin'
  • Type in your child's name to access their account.
  • This must be done independently to ensure that they are benefiting fully.


Children that currently use TYPING CLUB:

Please follow these instructions to access TYPING CLUB at home.

  • Click TYPING CLUB above. 
  • Get your child to log in.
  • This must be done independently to ensure that they are benefiting fully.


Reading and Spellings in Year 5

Reading in Year 5


Your child needs to complete some independent reading every day and they need to write a comment in their log. Please listen to them read 3 times a week and sign their reading record too.

Spellings in Year 5

Here is an overview of the Year 5 spellings. Children should also be able to spell the Year 5 Common Exception Words. 

Year 5 Spelling Lists 

Autumn 1 and Autumn 2

Spring 1 and Spring 2

Summer 1 and Summer 2

Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words