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Year 5

The Year 5 team are Miss Holmes, Mrs Robinson, Ms Anton-Smith and Miss Crees

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message from miss holmes

To my dear Year 5 class,

We miss you lots and hope you are all safe and well at home. We wanted to share with you some photos of what the Y5 staff team have been doing at home:

View document year_5/y5staffphotocollage.pdf

We know that it can be really hard to juggle home-schooling with working from home  and many of you have children across different year groups.  It is absolutely fine if you are not able to complete the activities we are sending; the most important thing it that your children feel safe and loved in this difficult time. If you can hear them read and ask them to do a little bit of writing or times table practice then that would be brilliant. 

Please let us know how you are doing! Pupils can write to me or send me photos directly on I will be checking emails every weekday.

I hope that we all get to see each other soon- keep shining brightly like the true diamonds that you are!

All the very best to you and your family,

Miss Holmes

weekly activities from miss holmes

Every Monday, I will create a video and upload it here. There will be a stimulus (something like a story or a picture) which I will show on the video and then give 5 activities for the children to do. They will be 'offline' activities and children can do all 5 over the week or just choose 1 or 2 to do. 

This week's stimulus is an extract from the book 'Varjak Paw' by S. F. Said and I have written out the extract and and the 5 activities under the video.


The story extract:
The Elder Paw was telling a story. It was a Jalal tale, one of the best. Varjak loved to hear his grandfather's tales of their famous ancestor: how Jalal fought the fiercest warrior cats, how he was the mightiest hunter, how he came out of Mesopotamia and travelled to the ends of the earth, further than any cat had been before. But today, the Elder Paw's tale just made Varjak restless. So what if Jalal had such exciting adventures? Varjak never would. Jalal had ended his days in the Contessa's house. His family of Mesopotamian Blues had stayed here ever since. 

The old place must have been full of light and life in Jalal’s time, generations ago — but now it was full of dust and musty smells. The windows were always closed, the doors locked. There was a garden, but it was surrounded by a high stone wall. Jalal was the last to cross it. In all the years since then, no one had ever left the Contessa's house. 

Now, no one except Varjak was even listening to the tale of Jalal's adventures. Father, Mother and Aunt Juni were dozing in the late afternoon light that trickled through the thick green windows. His big brother Julius was flexing his muscles; his cousin Jasmine was fiddling with her collar. His litter brothers Jay, Jethro and Jerome were playing one of those kittenish games that Varjak could never see the point of, and wasn't allowed to join in anyway.

No one was looking at him. This was his chance. He'd been in the garden before, but the family didn't like it out there, and they never let him stay out very long. Stealthy as Jalal himself, Varjak rose up and padded to the cat door. He could see the garden on the other side. He could almost feel the fresh air, brushing through his whiskers. He nudged it open… 

`Varjak Paw!' It was Father. `Where do you think you're going?'
Varjak spun around. The tale was over; they'd woken up and seen him. But this time, he wouldn't give in.
`Aren't we allowed in the garden, now?' he said.
`Sweetheart,' said Mother, com-ing over and straightening his collar, `the garden is a nasty, dirty place. You're a pedigree cat. A pure-bred Mesopotamian Blue Cat. What do you want out there?' 
Varjak looked around: at the stuffy furniture, the locked-up cupboards, the curtains he wasn't allowed to climb. He'd never been anywhere else, but this had to be the most boring place on earth.

Activity 1- Imagine It
Why do you think Varjak is shown staring at the cat flap? Can you imagine what it might be like for a cat to be stuck inside all the time? How does it feel for you when you can’t get outside? Write a list of 10 things Varjak could do to keep himself busy and entertained when he is stuck inside the house.

Activity 2- Make It
Varjak is stuck inside all day in his house’s grand and luxurious living room. If you could design your own living room, what would you include? Would you make everything your favourite colour? What size and how big would your sofa be? What other furniture would you want- a TV? Fishbowl? Foot spa? Artwork on the walls?

For this activity, I would like you to transform a cardboard box into your own design of a living room. You could use a shoebox, a cereal box, a delivery box- whatever you can get your hands on! Then you can fill it with junk modelled sofas, chairs, playstations, dog beds- you choose! Here are some examples:

Activity 3- Predict It
Can you imagine what would happen if Varjak sneaked past his family and did manage to leave the house? What do you think would happen?

Write your prediction for what the next chapter in the story would be. You should remember to write each main event in the story as a paragraph. Alternatively, you could write your story out as a comic strip if you would prefer to.

Activity 4- Research It
Cats are interesting animals and many people love to have them as pets at home. But there are lots of things you might now know about them. For example, when did humans start keeping cats as pets? How can cats hunt prey so effectively in the dark? Why do they have whiskers? Why do they lick their coats? How many species of cat are there?

Research information about cats and then create an information poster showing off what you have found out. Remember to include lots of cats and detailed information to keep the reader interested.

Activity 5- Create It
You may have heard of the famous French artist, Henry Matisse, who is famous for his bright colour paintings. One of the animals he loved to paint were goldfish (and we know cats love to eat fish too!) and he painted 9 goldfish paintings including this famous one simply called ‘Goldfish’ in 1912:

I would like you to copy and recreate this painting using whatever materials you have at home- you could simply sketch it out, paint it, collage it, colour it- you choose! Here are a few example ideas to get you started:


daily online lessons

To help teach your child, there are 2 websites which we would recommend. They provide daily lessons in maths, English and the foundation subjects. 

Please take a look at both websites with your child and then decide on which one they would like to follow. It is best if you choose one website only to follow (rather than flit between both) so that children can build up their learning over the week. 

Children may need to follow the lessons for a different year group if they find the Year 5 ones a bit too challenging. They could follow along with one year group for one subject and another year group for another subject (for example, they could complete the Year 5 maths lessons but the Year 3 English lessons). Do remind your child that it is good to recap the previous year group so they know it really well and they can catch up with the Year 5 learning when they are ready.

It is absolutely fine if you miss a day's learning-  just keep track of where you got to each day and carry on from there. It would be great if children could record their learning and keep it together - perhaps in a notebook or folder.

I would LOVE to see what the children are doing so please do send photos of the children's learning. 

option 1: BBC Bitesize 

If you go to you will be taken to the BBC bitesize home-learning website. There is a parent guide to accessing the website which you can find by clicking here.

There are daily maths and English activities, and one other foundation lesson (such as science or history). You just need to click on the 'Year Group' your child is working on to access the lessons. 

The website is fun and child-friendly- there are even special guest stars in some videos!

OPTION 2: oak national academy

If you go to you will be taken to the Oak National Academy website. There is a parent guide for accessing the website which you can find by clicking here.

There are daily maths and English videos with several foundation subjects. You need to click on 'online classroom' and then subject to find the year group.

Each lesson has a pre-learning quiz so children can think about what they already know- I would recommend skipping this pre-lesson quiz so you can go straight onto the video learning.



Extra Writing Activities

  • The website Pobble365 (Click here for the link) gives you a few different writing activities to chose from each day.
  • Children could also write a diary over this period about what they have been up to. We were going to write explanation texts about migratory animals so children could research an animal of their choosing (fruit bat, elephant, arctic tern) and write a report about it.
  • If your pupil does the spelling programme Nessy at school then you can continue to log in at home too.


    Extra Maths Activities:

  • We love Times Table Rockstars at school and the children who go on regularly have rapidly improved their times tables. Try to go on everyday for at least 10 minutes. It will really help you in your maths lessons when we get back!
  • There are lots of fun maths games on the website TopMarks (Click here for the link).
  • There are also lots of online and printable maths games on the website Nrich (Click here for the link).


    EdShed Online Learning:

  • I have created accounts for every pupil to log on to a website called EdShed which has two elements to it - a Spelling and Maths Shed. There will be an activity for spelling and maths each week. Pupils can go on the website several times a week. The website can be found by clicking here. I will email you your pupil's login to you directly.

  • There is a parent guide which talks you through the activities. Click here to find it.



We talk about this a LOT in Year 5 but reading has the biggest impact on your learning compared to any other activity! There are so many good books out there and our classroom display is true when it says 'Reading makes you bloom!'.

Try to read for 30 minutes (or more!) a day and you can record it in your reading record or any diary or notebook you have. I cannot wait to hear about what books you enjoy reading.

Reading Comprehensions
Pupils can also log in to the website ReadTheory to complete reading comprehensions. The children need to do an initial reading assessment for 20 minutes and it should then tailor activities to the children's level. You can click here for the website. I will email you your pupil's login to you directly. 
Some pupils will have been emailed a different login to ‘Teach Monster’ instead of Read Theory to help them practise their phonics instead. 

Reading Book Banded books
If your child is reading the colour banded books, they can now read them online. Look for the email that Mrs Haines sent with your pupil's login details.


other curriculum areas

We have some very talented artists in Year 5 and this is a great time to develop our art skills! You can practise drawing, sketching, painting, sculpting...the list is endless! The following Art for Kids Hub channel on youtube (Click here for the link) is great for learning to draw cartoons, animals, food items- they have everything!

Mrs Philcox also recommends the following art websites:


Looking after our body is just as important to looking after our mind! There are lots of things you can do at home to stay active- see how many goals you can score in the garden, how many star jumps can you do in a minute (challenge your parents!), dance around to a good song, run up and down the stairs twice! 

Cosmic Kids Yoga has some great yoga stories- if you do one a day then you will get very flexible and strong (Click here for the link).

Joe Wicks has a range of active workouts on his youtube challenge- I especially like the 5 Minute Move and the Active 8 ones. Try to do one a day and you will be super fit and healthy when we come back to school (Click here for the link)





Year 5 Homework

The children are given homework in a work-a-book every week on a Friday. It must be returned by the following Wednesday.


Reading in Year 5

Your child needs to complete some independent reading every day and they need to write a comment in their log. Please listen to them read 3 times a week and sign their reading record too.

Spellings in Year 5

Here is an overview of the Year 5 spellings. Children should also be able to spell the Year 5 Common Exception Words. 

Year 5 Spelling Lists 

Autumn 1 and Autumn 2

Spring 1 and Spring 2

Summer 1 and Summer 2

Year 5 and 6 Common Exception Words