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Year 4


 Welcome to Year 4. 

The Year 4 team are Mr Dowd, Ms Davis and Miss Parker.

Dear Year 4,

We've made it to half term in lockdown! Who knew! It feels like ages since I have seen you all.

Because it is half term, this week you have some challenges to complete. They will be a wide variety of things. I would like to see some pictures emailed to me of you completing them. Obviously, you do not have to do all of them or any at all, I just thought it would make a nice change :)


  • Watch an OLD Disney film- Personally I recommend Hercules or Robin Hood.
  • Bake a cake and decorate it!
  • Read a whole book that you have never read before.
  • Come up with a secret hand shake with an adult.
  • Create a fort and hide in there with some snacks! 
  • Find out how to say hello in 5 different languages.
  • Learn the words to the water cycle song!


All of the previous links are down below underneath the home learning subheading. 

Miss you all, stay safe, see you soon!

 Mr Dowd

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Year 4 Homework

Home learning:

Please find below some work for your child to do whilst we are closed.


Weekly challenge:

Well done for those of you who emailed me a picture of your Pentecost posters! they were amazing. This week, I would like you to take some time to listen to some music... Not any music though. This music has to be from when you parents were your age! Ask them what music they listened to and why they liked it. You never know, you could find a new favourite song. 

Online learning:

For the next couple of weeks I would like you to complete the online lessons from either:


Work through EITHER of these websites. If you start using one for English and Maths, please continue using that one for consistency. It is important to note that the Oak National Academy doesn't follow the National Curriculum, so if you find some year 4 work a bit challenging, it is ok to have a look at the earlier year's work. It is always good to recap anyway! There is a quiz at the start of each unit, to test your existing knowledge. You do not have to do this, it is just to see what you already know!

I would really like to see what sort of of work you have completed so feel free to send me pictures of you working hard to 

Bellow are some quick guides on how to use each website:

Oak National Academy

BBC bitesize

Children that currently use NESSY:

Please follow these instructions to access Nessy at home.

  • Click NESSY above.
  • Click LOG IN
  • Enter the secret word 'mildurchin'
  • Type in your child's name to access their account.
  • This must be done independently to ensure that they are benefiting fully.

Children that currently use TYPING CLUB:

Please follow these instructions to access TYPING CLUB at home.

  • Click TYPING CLUB above.
  • Using the text that you received, use your child's log in.
  • This must be done independently to ensure that they are benefiting fully.

English and SPAG

Whilst at home, please work through the common exception words for Year 4.  

You can also do some daily writing work, using the pictures provided on pobble365. This can be in a variety of ways! I would like your child to have a bit of independence with what they are writing. They can describe the picture, use it to write a story, write a diary entry of the characters involved or whatever they can think of! It is very important that you are still reading at home too! It would be great to see some amazing book reviews from you, that we can put up in our book corner!


Go to and complete the individual reading tasks! Find their login details here.


For maths, TTRockstars is always a good way to start the day! It's good to see that some of you are even using it on the weekends! Also use Topmarks to help with some of that maths knowledge! Please use the following link to access some videos on some of what we have covered this year. These are videos and activities to complete. 

It is important to stay active over this weird time! Use youtube to find different activities that you can do! Cosmic yoga is a good one to use. Follow Joe Wicks as well for some 5 minute exercises.



The children are given two pieces of homework every week. They will have a Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling homework which will be handed out every Tuesday and needs to be in by Monday.  Maths homework will be completing Times Table Rocks stars, at least 3 times a week. 


Reading Journals

After reading each book (or once a week if your child has shorter books), the children need to complete an activity in their reading journal. They need to choose a different activity each week. This enables the children to show they have understood the books they read at home.

Reading in Year 4

Your child will be given a book and a reading diary to bring home. They need to read their book with an adult and be able to retell the story before bringing it in to swap for another book. Their reading record needs to be signed by an adult and an adult or the child needs to comment on the book. 

Spellings in Year 4

Here is an overview of the Year 4 spellings. Children should also be able to spell the Year 4 Common Exception Words. 

Year 4 Spelling Lists 

Autumn 1 and Autumn 2 

Spring 1 and Spring 2

Summer 1 and Summer 2

Year 3 and 4 Common Exception Words