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Year 1 Curriculum


Welcome Letter to Parents

Autumn 2021


Spring 2022


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Maths in Year 1:

    • Children can practise Learning Number Bonds to 20. 

Reading in Year 1

Reading books are sent home every Monday. Please keep your child's book and read it with them every day and then return it to school the following Monday. Please also practise reading the words on the Word Lists we send home. This will really help with their phonetical knowledge in both reading and writing. 

Children should practice reading the Year 1 common exception words that are in their Word Boxes. We regularly assess these and additional ones as appropriate. 


Spellings in Year 1

As well as reading the words in the Word boxes, please also practise writing them to enable you child to spell the 45 Year 1 Common Exception Words by the end of Year 1.  Spelling and writing the words on their Word Lists will also help foster links between their  Reading, Writing and Phonics Learning. 

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words


Home Learning Ideas

If you would like more learning activities to do at home with your children please see the below websites: 


Online support and learning




The National Curriculum in England 2014 outlines all the statutory requirements for pupils at primary school.