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Curriculum Vision

Gloucester Road’s Early and DEEP Curriculum aims to provide our children with a great education, to develop a love of learning and the capacity to make a difference in their lives. At our core is a belief in gaining depth of knowledge, in work that is challenging: both experiential and enquiry led and producing quality work. Our curriculum is not just about what we put in but is also concerned with what we draw out, encouraging children to  think deeply about complex issues and achieve great things in a great way.

Focusing on fewer things in greater depth our unique design enables quality work on key concepts, deepening children’s understanding over time. Learning is also anchored in valuable key experiences, imparting new knowledge. We focus on developing the learner as an individual, to be curious, independent, resilient, resourceful and thoughtful.

Pieces of learning are enquiry led providing children with opportunities to demonstrate and represent their learning in different ways. It is centred upon carefully selected leading and supporting literature which is mapped out from EYFS to Year Six. There is a love of reading in our curriculum and throughout the school, in both reading for pleasure and reading for knowledge.

Curriculum is a complex piece of work and cannot be explained in one statement. Please read our principles, overviews and our values led vision statements for both the Early and DEEP Curriculum.