Gloucester Road Primary School


Staff at Gloucester Road Nursery & Primary School

The Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher – 

Mrs G Fletcher (Music)

   Deputy Headteacher and Head of Teaching and Learning and English Lead – Mrs E Tuck (Maternity Leave)

EYFS Lead and Operational Head of Nursery –

Miss S Davis

Deputy Head (Acting) and Inclusion Manager (SEND Lead and PSHE) – Mrs C Parker


Assistant Head (Acting) Mathematics Lead and Mastery Specialist for NCETM – Miss A Hodgson

Middle Leaders



Foundation Stage and KS1 Teachers

Reception Teacher – Miss S Davis (EYFS and Phonics) 

  Year 1 Teacher - Mrs T Philcox (Weds, Thurs, Fri) (DT and Art)
Year 1 Teacher – Miss A Hodgson (Mon, Tues) (Maths)   Year 2 Teacher – Miss S Boulter (History and Geography)
KS2 Teachers
  Year 3 Teacher –  Miss C Butler   

Year 4 Teacher - Miss M Holmes (PE)



Year 5 Teacher - Miss M Pepperell (Science) 

  Year 6 Teacher - Mrs L Haines (English) 
             PPA Teacher - Miss A Dickerson EAL Teacher - Mrs H Kerr-Wilson (MFL and RE)
Pastoral Team

Mrs K Mills - DDSL

(Pastoral Lead)

Miss M Sanders

(Inclusion Partner)

Teaching Partners 
Mrs V Bray    Mrs A Hymas
Miss N Finch Miss L Duffy 
Miss A Parker Miss C Babbage


Mrs C Steel Mrs T Patel
Miss R Wiltshire   Miss S Jones


Mrs K Sheppard

 Mrs V Robinson

Mrs M Davage



Miss S Wootton

 Miss A Pates


 Ms A Davis

Miss A Townsend

Miss C Bruton-Tranter




Miss N Hardy


 Miss A Crees

Office Staff
  School Business Manager – Mrs J Mabbutt Attendance Officer – Miss R Griffiths  
Midday Supervisors 
Mrs T Ismay     Mr J Ismay
  Miss A Randall   Mrs N Syeda
Caretaker and Cleaners 
  Mrs T Ismay  

 Mr J Ismay