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 Welcome to Gloucester Road Nursery and Primary School's Early Years. The Early Years has a nursery class and a class of Reception children. 


 The EYFS Team are:


Reception (ID 1096)


Nursery (ID 1095)

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Please see below  curriculum ideas for Reception and Nursery these are used as a starting point and we also use the children's interest as a basis for planning. 



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Children in our unit are planned for through challenge learning produced by the key person ensuring next steps are achieved. We use Development Matters to ensure the breadth of learning is met. Although we are an amalgamated unit, there are times the children will be separate so the key person can work on group or individual activities.  

Areas of learning include Literacy, Maths, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, PE and Dance and Creative Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Statutory Framework for EYFS

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Children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. The care and education offered by the Nursery helps children to continue to do this by providing all of the children with interesting activities that are right for their age and stage of development. The curriculum, which we follow, is The Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines (DFES 2012); this is a play-based curriculum for children from birth to age five.

There are 7 areas that are used to plan your child’s learning and activities. The professionals teaching and supporting your child will make sure that the activities are suited to your child’s unique needs. This is a little bit like a curriculum in primary and secondary schools, but it's suitable for very young children, and it's designed to be really flexible so that staff can follow your child's unique needs and interests.

Children in the EYFS learn by playing and exploring, being active, and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:

Communication and language;

Physical development; and

Personal, social and emotional development.

These prime areas are those most essential for your child’s healthy development and future learning.

As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:



Understanding the world

Expressive arts and design

Each session incorporates individual, small group and whole nursery activities. This is planned to accommodate structured teaching and learning through experience and investigation and social and creative opportunities. Each of the seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is fully covered through careful planning. Although we place a strong emphasis on phonic pre-reading and numerical skills, we encompass a wide range of topical themes and personal interest projects. The nursery is well equipped with a variety of resources, including the new areas that have been created;

  • A malleable area
  • Role play area
  • Writing
  • Number area
  • Reading area
  • Construction


  • Water
  • Sand
  • Large Construction
  • Music area
  • Role play
  • Activity area





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