Gloucester Road Primary School

Gloucester Road
Primary School


Welcome to Gloucester Road Nursery and Primary School's Early Years Foundation Stage Unit. 

The EYFS Team are Miss Davis, Miss Bruton-Tranter, Mrs Davage, Mrs Steel, Mrs Bray, Mrs Patel and Miss Wiltshire.


The Unit comprises of Nursery and Reception. We welcome pupils from 2 years 9 months up until the end of the Reception year. Here is our New Starter Welcome Pack we give to parents in September. 

Children in our Unit are planned for through challenge learning produced by the key person ensuring next steps are achieved. We use Development Matters to ensure the breadth of learning is met. Although we are an amalgamated unit, there are times the children will be separate so the key person can work on group or individual activities. 

Areas of learning include Literacy, Maths, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, PE and Dance and Creative Development and Knowledge and Understanding of the World.

Parents sharing reading books: Each day the children can chose another book to share with you at home. It was lovely to read all the comments about the stories. 

Phonics: The children will have a fast paced introduction to phonics through the Sound Write scheme where they will learn four sounds a week. The children will bring sound sheets home so they can continue the learning process at home and learn the correct formation of each of the sounds. Please support us by practising at home as this provides great consistency for the children in our class. Letter homework will be given to the children on a Monday and should be returned by Thursday.

Maths homework will also be handed out to children on a Thursday.

Please can all Reception Children’s PE kits be in school and labelled.

Please feel free to talk to any members of the staff at the beginning or end of the day if you have any worries. We look forward to working with you this year.

Thank you for your continued support.