Gloucester Road Primary School

Gloucester Road
Nursery & Primary School

RBL Team

Reducing Barriers to Learning

  • Mrs Fletcher  - Headteacher
  • Mrs Mills – Pastoral Worker
  • Mrs Parker  - Inclusion Manager

At Gloucester Road Primary school the RBL team meet three times a year to discuss every child’s progress with the class teacher and teaching partners. Our aim is to ensure that is every child has equal opportunity to access the school and national curriculum.

At these meetings we discuss how the children are progressing, not just in subjects, but socially and emotionally.  We discuss anything that may be a barrier to the child’s development, including wider family issues, additional needs or coping with being new to the English language. Following these discussions we put in place actions to the support the child and the family. These actions are then monitored throughout the year to ensure they are having a positive impact.