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Pupil Premium

The Government provides schools with additional funding based on the number of their pupils that are eligible for free school meals.

This Pupil Premium helps schools to tackle disadvantage and provide additional support for vulnerable learners.

Pupil Premium Grant

We are asking that ALL parents spend 10 minutes filling in the form on the below link. You may not currently qualify for a Pupil Premium Grant which will go to support you and your child(ren) while they are at GRPS. If you apply and your circumstances change in the future, this should automatically be granted without you having to reapply.

It really does only take 10 minutes and all you need is your National Insurance Number.

If you do wish to talk any of the above through then do please get in touch with us [01242 512792 or]

During their learning journey many of our pupils benefit from additional support and intervention which target areas of difficulty. The nature of the support varies considerably as it is specifically designed to meet individual needs and consequently optimise progress.

Pupil Premium Spending 2023 - 2024

grnps pp strategic plan 2023 2024.pdf



Pupil Premium Spending 2022 - 2023

grnps pp strategic plan 2022 2023.pdf


Pupil Premium Spending 2021 - 2022

grps pp stratgic plan 2021 2022.pdf