Gloucester Road Primary School


Classes follow the guidance from the Excellence and Enjoyment Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning. 

We also follow planning from the PSHE Association. and Gloucestershire's PINC Curriculum for Safeguarding 

Our Values for Life Curriculum is 




















Our theme coverage is below.... 

Term 1

New Beginnings


Term 2

Getting on and Falling Out


Term 3

Going for Goals


Term 4 Good to be Me
Term 5


Sex and Relationships Education

Term 6


Healthy Living

New beginnings

This theme focuses on developing children’s knowledge, understanding and skills in four key social and emotional aspects of learning: empathy, self-awareness, social skills and motivation.

The theme offers children the opportunity to see themselves as valued individuals within their community and to contribute to shaping a welcoming, safe and fair learning community for all. Throughout the theme, children explore feelings of happiness and excitement, sadness, anxiety and fearfulness, and learn shared models for ‘calming down’ and ‘problem solving’.


Getting on and falling out

This theme focuses on developing children's knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: empathy, managing feelings (with a focus on anger) and social skills.

Each colour-coded set is organised around developing the ethos of the classroom – extending the work of 'Theme 1: New beginnings' on cooperation and valuing diversity, and focusing on four key content areas: developing the social skills of friendship, working well together in a group, managing anger and resolving conflict.


Say no to bullying

This theme aims to develop and revisit four of the key social and emotional aspects of learning covered in previous themes through a focus on bullying – what it is, how it feels, why people bully, how we can prevent and respond to it, and how children can use their social, emotional and behavioural skills to tackle this crucial problem. The four aspects of learning in which knowledge, skills and understanding are developed are self-awareness, empathy, managing feelings and social skills.

The theme is structured differently from previous themes. It is intended that the work will take place over a period of a week or so – perhaps to fit in with the national anti-bullying week in November – and that, during this period, work in each subject area will be focused on the aims of the 'Say no to bullying' theme, as well as subject-related objectives. The week will then culminate in a celebration assembly, to which parents and carers are invited.


Going for goals!

This theme focuses primarily on the key aspect of motivation, with a subsidiary focus on self-awareness. It gives an important opportunity for all children’s abilities, qualities and strengths to be valued.

The Going for goals theme provides opportunities for children to reflect on themselves as individuals, particularly their strengths as learners and how they learn most effectively.

Each set of activities focuses on the underlying prerequisites for successful goal-directed learning and behaviour: for example, taking responsibility and building feelings of confidence and self-efficacy – the belief that what you do makes a difference.

Goal-directed behaviour is only valuable if we are able to make wise and balanced choices about our goals, so this theme provides opportunities for children to consider this and to practise problem-solving strategies.


Good to be me

This theme is the first of two focusing specifically on feelings. It explores feelings in the context of the child as an individual, developing self-awareness and helping the child to realise that it really is ‘Good to be me'.

The theme is about understanding our feelings as well as considering our strengths and weaknesses as learners. It aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy. The theme focuses on:

  • understanding feelings, and why and how they lead us to behave the way we do – excited, proud, surprised, hopeful, disappointed, worried and anxious;
  • self-awareness – feeling good about myself, taking risks;
  • managing my feelings – relaxing, coping with anxiety;
  • standing up for myself – assertiveness, standing up for my views.



This theme is the second of two focusing specifically on feelings. It explores feelings within the context of our important relationships including family and friends. The theme aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: self-awareness, managing feelings and empathy.

In addition, there is a focus throughout the theme on helping children understand the feelings associated with an experience that we all need to cope with at some time: that of loss – whether of a favourite possession, a friend, a family home or a loved one.



This theme tackles the issue of change and aims to equip children with an understanding of different types of change, positive and negative, and common human responses to it.

The theme seeks to develop children's ability to understand and manage the feelings associated with change. It aims to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in three key social and emotional aspects of learning: motivation, social skills and managing feelings.

Year 4 Class Assembly - Making Connections (9 images)

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Life Education Van Visit 2017 (23 images)

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Year 3 Class Assembly - Reflective Garden (8 images)

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Attendance Reward July 2016 (4 images)

A reward for all pupils achieving 95% or above this year. An afternoon of sports at Cheltenham College.

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Thank You Assembly 2016 (11 images)

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Year 4 Democracy Assembly (7 images)

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"Pets As Therapy" Fundraising Day July 2015 (5 images)

Children completed a doggy agility course to raise money for the "Pets as Therapy" charity.

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Aspirations Week July 2015 (4 images)

We had an amazing week celebrating different career possibilities and had numerous visits from different professions.

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