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Funding & Nursery Fees

Free 15 hours childcare


Every 3 and 4 year old is entitled to receive 15 hours free childcare funding per week (570 hours a year). Every child is entitled to receive this funding from the term after their third birthday and this will remain in place until the start of their Reception year at school.

When will my child be eligible for the funding? 

Birthday falls between Term funding starts 
1st April - 31st August September
1st September - 31st December January
1st January - 31st March April

30 Hour Application Form 

 If you choose to pay for Nursery hours or your child attends more than 15 hours free funding you will be charged at a rate of £3.50 per hour. 


Snacks- Children are provided with a snack during the morning session. Parents need to pay 50p a day if their child attends a morning session. 


Below is a new starter for for Nursery. Please fill in and return to: or hand in at the main office 

New Starters