Gloucester Road Primary School

Gloucester Road
Nursery & Primary School

Spring Curriculum 

We have had an excellent start to this term with Art week leading the way. Natural Art was the theme and each class welcomed their families in to 'be a part of art', it was great to see such a supportive turn out. The theme for Art leads us nicely onto this term's learning, with a huge focus on Geography knowledge, we aim for the children to have a comprehensive understanding of the world in order to be able to become active and responsible citizens with sensitivity to the sustainability needs of Our World. The children will take part in activities that promote reducing energy use, recycling and consider the impact of human activity on the environment. We are also hoping to add more living plants around the building in an effort to enhance the learning environment. Any unwanted house plants in waterproof pots would be a welcome addition. If you have any you are willing to donate, we would be most grateful.