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Gloucester Road
Nursery & Primary School

Improving Communication

We have made some exciting changes to our communication systems at Gloucester Road Nursery and Primary School. We believe that effective communication between school and home is paramount to ensuring the success and happiness of every child's educational journey.

To enhance communication on a class-specific level, we will use SeeSaw, an online platform that allows direct messaging between parents and class teachers. We encourage all parents to download the SeeSaw app (available on both iOS and Android devices) and create an account using the unique access code provided to you by the class teacher.

For whole-school messages and updates, we will solely use Edulink, a comprehensive communication platform designed specifically for educational institutions. Through Edulink, you will receive important announcements from the school, information on upcoming events, and access to various resources. We highly recommend downloading the Edulink app (available on both iOS and Android devices) for instant notifications and quicker access to school-related news.

In addition to these platforms, our school website will serve as a central hub for all important information. It will provide a wide range of resources, including our school calendar with key diary dates, helpful guides, signposts to community events, policies, class and school expectations, and much more. We encourage you to regularly visit our website ( and familiarize yourself with the wealth of information available to you.

We will also be adding to our SeeSaw blog, so we can share strategic updates, whole-school celebrations and achievements, as well as key messages. This will offer a streamlined approach to keeping everyone informed and connected within our school and local community. We encourage you to check the blog regularly to stay up to date with the latest news and developments.

By implementing these communication tools, we hope to improve the flow of information between school and home, promoting transparency and cooperation.

We are excited about these improvements and confident that they will enhance our communication channels. If you have any questions or require any assistance with accessing or using any of the platforms mentioned, please do not hesitate to contact our school office.