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Modern ForeigN Language

We have chosen French as our Modern Foreign Language and the curriculum content takes the National Curriculum programme of study as a starting point. French is a new language for us this year so all pupils in Years 3 - 6 will study the same curriculum content. 


 Our MFL curriculum overview


1st year of French

  • Greetings and names: Bonjour, Chanson d’accueil “Bonjour, comment ça va …”, Je m’appelle …,  Chanson ‘Au revoir’ 
  • Colours: les couleurs, J’aime / je n’aime pas 
  •  Physical description : J’ai les yeux … et les cheveux …, Je suis grand/ petit, Je porte un t-shirt + couleur  
  • Animals : J’aime/ je n’aime pas/ j’adore/ je déteste, Je préfère … mais …, J’ai un chat, deux chiens…Mais je n’ai pas…
  •  Clothes
  •  Halloween song





Imitate basic sounds


Recognise basic phonemes & graphemes


Repeat simple words, phrases and short sentences


Understand simple words, phrases & short sentences – including basic everyday classroom language (e.g. instructions & praise words)


Respond to simple songs/ poems/ stories


Ask & answer simple questions


Present/perform simple memorised tasks

(words, phrases & short sentences)


Understand a few familiar words, phrases & short sentences


Read them out


May need visual clues


Select the right words to label items & complete short phrases/sentences


Begin to write letters & familiar words


Experiment with writing some familiar words from memory


Our MFL policy

Our MFL policy can be read here.