Gloucester Road Primary School

HSBC School Bank


We are very excited launch our SchoolBank which is open every Tuesday lunchtime. 

HSBC have linked up so pupils can learn about saving and spending money, taking on real life jobs in the bank. 

What is a SchoolBank?

A SchoolBank is a mini HSBC branch in your school. It's set up and managed by kids, for kids, with support and guidance of local branch employees. HSBC branch employees interview pupils for the different branch roles, train them and then support the running of SchoolBank.

We believe SchoolBank offers a different take on financial education, suitable for 7-11s (Key stage 2).  By running their own bank branch, children learn about:

  • personal finance
  • the responsibilities of cash management
  • how to manage their own project

SchoolBank makes financial education fun, whilst also teaching pupils how to manage their own small business.

Jobs in our SchoolBank

SchoolBanks need cashiers, sales advisors, marketing managers, branch managers, audit controllers and floorwalkers - all school pupils.

Your job could involve:

  • opening accounts
  • help pupils pay money into their account
  • help answer customer enquiries
  • organising the other staff
  • planning and designing ad campaigns

Work Experience 

Working at a SchoolBank proves that you're responsible and independent, so it's ideal work experience. You'll also pick up a lot of real-world financial knowledge.

In return you will receive a Certificate & Statement of Achievement for your participation as SchoolBank employees, which will enhance your National Record of Achievement.