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Welcome to the section of the website where you can find out more about your governors and the work of the Governing Body.

The role of the Governing Body at Gloucester Road Nursery&Primary School


“The role of school governors is to set strategic direction, to hold school leaders to account for improving performance, and to make sure money is well spent”

Department for Education

What does this mean at Gloucester Road Primary School?

We support

Governors at Gloucester Road work alongside the Headteacher to ensure that the needs, aims and priorities of the school are targeted and implemented. This focus is not just from an academic perspective but considers the school community as a whole.

We challenge

As Governors we ask questions, we challenge and we monitor what is going on in the school. We do this through committee meetings at all levels, school visits, talking to staff and looking at data associated with the school.

We are accountable

The Governing Body is legally responsible for the conduct of the school. To ensure that we are effective in terms of governance we monitor learning and staff performance, we make sure that money is being spent wisely and we document all that we learn.

If you are interested, the Department for Education has a wealth of information about school governance here.

Who Governs the school?

Governor committees include Resources, Strategic, Curriculum and Standards (C&S). 


Governor Newsletters are available to read in our Newsletter section on this website.

Should you wish to contact the Governing Body, please email

If you want to know more, a description of each type of school governor can be found here.

Attendance at Meetings

You can see the Governor attendance at meetings below. 

Governor Attendance 2021-2022

Governor Attendance 2020-2021

Governor Attendance 2019-2020

Governor Attendance 2018-2019

Governor Attendance 2017-2018

Governor Attendance 2016-2017

Governor Attendance 2015 - 2016 

Governor Attendance 2014 - 2015 

How we work

As a full Governing Body we meet together six times a year.

The bulk of the work of the Governing Body is carried out by committees and working groups, where specific issues are discussed and decisions made. At Gloucester Road, we have two committees.  The Resources committee has responsibility for the budget and ensures that the school’s money is being spent wisely.  The Curriculum and Standards committee has responsibility for the children’s learning and for monitoring standards. In addition to these core committees other working groups may be formed depending on the current issues. Each governor serves on one or more committees.

Working together

To ensure Gloucester Road is successful, children, parents, staff and community partners must work together to make it possible for every child to succeed and reach their potential.

To achieve this, and to carry out our role as governors effectively, we need to know what issues are important to you (so we remain responsive) and ensure that you know what issues the governors are discussing (so that we remain accountable). 

Keeping in touch

If you have an enquiry that you wish to raise with the Governors, please email Mrs Anna Cole on and this will be reviewed and responded to as appropriate.

Please note that your feedback is important so if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions please let us know.