Gloucester Road Primary School

Gloucester Road
Nursery & Primary School


Gloucester Road Nursery and Primary School have an active Fundraising programme.  We fundraise by organising events to help provide extra facilities to benefit the children and we organise social events to help promote a friendly environment at the school.

We are always keen to welcome new parents to support fundraising events for a number of reasons:

• Fresh ideas
• More people - less for everyone to do
• More talent to create exciting events
• Help make meetings more social 


So far this year we have raised the following:

Halloween School Disco: £420

Christmas Festivities: £207.50

Christmas Concert

Christmas Film Night

Valentine Disco


A big thank you to Primark in Cheltenham who also helped to raise £50 for the school at their Christmas fundraising event.


We have spent fundraising income on:

In school pantomime: £1299.