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Dear Parents and Carers,

I was hoping to be able to give you some more news yesterday about the announcements made by our Prime Minister but the guidance documents promised to be issued by the government have only been made available late last evening so I will review with my team and update you further once we are in a position to do so. Whilst as head teacher I should remain politically neutral I am equally frustrated as I only want the best and safest return for our children and our team and at present, prescript guidance on mitigation of risk appears on first sight to be sparse.

This morning I have sent several questions to the Local Authority Recovery Group that is happening later and everyday this week.

For now nothing has changed at school, only our key worker and vulnerable children will be attending school. Unfortunately, if you have to return to work and are not a key worker we are not being asked by Government to provide childcare for your child/ren so will not be able to meet any requests to do so.

We are, however, being asked to make plans for nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 to possibly return from June 1st 2020 at the earliest.

Together with official guidance, union representation, and ultimately what WE know about our specific setting, we will endeavour to make these plans the safest we can – mitigation of risk is at the forefront of our thinking and planning. We will conduct every risk assessment necessary when making these plans, together with our team and governors. For example, this may well include a phased approach and smaller class sizes in the first instance, limiting the amount of children from one year group in a class at any one time, not have classes arriving at the same time on the same days etc.

What you as parents think is at the forefront of what we will do and this is why we will be sending out an additional survey. Once we have a proposed plan agreed, we will share this with you and ask for your responses.

The team have invested and dedicated years of their lives to this school and we are proud to do so. We will do what is right for our school and our community.

Planning this will take time, please be patient and we will keep our communications with you as regular as possible.

Parental guidance provided by the Government can be found at:

Kindest regards,

Mrs Gayle Fletcher


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