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British Values

At Gloucester Road Nursery and Primary School we have outlined the impact of our British Values here

We feel that the promotion of British values is an integral part of our curriculum and ethos, underpinned by the school vision. The five core strands of British Values are reinforced in a number of ways throughout our school and its curriculum.


As part of our British Values, the whole school are focusing on democracy as an ongoing value. Pupils make choices through our voting jars on display in the hall.  

We are voting for this term's "Good Behaviour Reward" and pupils will put a pebble in the jars to show their vote. The winning jar will show which reward we voted on as the most popular in our school.

votingjars    full jars

 Before voting                                                       After - now we need to count the pebbles!
Our values for life incorporate what it means to be a British citizen. Each term we focus on a different value, talking about it in class circle times and assemblies. We have a jar for each value and a pot of pebbles.  When pupils demonstrate a value, they put a pebble in the jar so throughout the year we can see the levels change. 
Values   values
Here are the 6 values for this year.  Our jars are already filling up with pebbles showing the number of times pupils demonstrate these values. 
pupil governors
Our pupil governors meet regularly to discuss important issues in the school. Their next meeting will decide how to improve our environment around the school grounds. 
Where in the world do we all come from? We all smile in the same language! 
Our map shows all the different countries our community represent including the languages we speak in. 
Year 4 shared a whole school assembly with parents about Democracy.