Gloucester Road Primary School

Gloucester Road
Nursery & Primary School

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club is open to those who regularly use it and also those who just need a day here and there of childcare cover. Costs are £3.50 for arrivals between 7.45am and 7.59am and £3.00 for those arriving from 8.00am. 

Every parent dropping their child off will need to sign the breakfast club register when dropping their child off. 

Please note that parentpay accounts must not be in deficit when using the breakfast club services due to the costs to school to purchase food and staff resources to run the breakfast club. 

Breakfast can include:

  • cereal
  • toast
  • pancakes
  • crumpets
  • sausages and beans/spaghetti on toast
  • poached egg on toast
  • sausage sandwiches
  • croissants

The children have games and activities to keep them occupied. 

The children thoroughly enjoy the club and come because they want to. Even teachers come sometimes - especially on sausage sandwich day!!!