Gloucester Road Primary School

Gloucester Road
Nursery & Primary School


Regular attendance is of the upmost importance to the Staff and Governors at Gloucester Road Nursery & Primary School.

We have an attendance award which is given out 3 times during the year.  Children need to attain a 95% attendance in that term.

95% attendance is a figure that this Government sees as acceptable and all schools are directed to ensure that this level, through reward systems and excellent communication between the school and home are met.

In addition to the termly award the school

  • Contact parents every day if their child is absent
  • Hold family meetings if parents are persistently struggling with attendance
  • Visit the homes of families who have very poor attendance and offer support
  • Have regular meetings and report to governors on figures, examine closely trends and patterns                                                                                                                      
One of the most effective ways that schools can improve achievement is by improving attendance.  Even the very best teachers struggle to raise the standards of children who are not in school regularly.  Schools that relentlessly pursue good attendance also get better overall attainment and behaviour.                                                                              
Our Attendance Ambassadors write regular newsletters you can read.